Kenzie+Cody Engagement

Doesn’t get better then this, they are the definition of fun-loving if you look it up in the dictionary I am sure you would see these two! Kenzie has been behind my camera several times and is a natural and just gets it! Cody is so easy going and loves to make Kenzie happy with all her cute ideas, I think we had been dreaming up the canoe pictures for years!  So glad she still wanted to do it, by far one of my fave sessions! Thanks for being so awesome, can’t wait for your winter wedding!



Christmas Minis

There is one in every neighborhood the people who leave their Christmas lights up till March! I am that person this year I pulled down my last Christmas decoration 2 days ago so I feel it is still ok to post the Christmas mini pictures in February. Eek! I am not sure where the beginning of the year has gone maybe to a very sick house with the stomach flu for 3 weeks, basketball, lots of basketball, and just down time to try to recharge. I had intentions to post this Christmas Day but December & January were a blur and I am now just getting back into working, getting organized for a busy 2017, and catching up! Story of my life, but wouldn’t have it any other way! 


This is our 4th shoot (3rd family) and every time the kids get more comfortable! Clinton has the best little smile that took a little bit to come out, and Natalie hammed it up for this shoot! Piper and Kenzie are just sweethearts and so easy to photograph every time! Plus let me mention how amazing of a job Honour did at coordinating clothes! This is what you see on Pinterest boards, I think I need her to style my family for pictures this is no easy task!

F a c e b o o k