Loreena Senior

I was warned that Loreena was not like her two sisters and was not crazy about having her Senior pictures taken. I was a little nervous because it is just a tad more difficult to photograph someone who is not wild about having pictures done. This ended up 1,000 times better then I had ran through in my head before the shoot. Loreena has the most gorgeous red hair and had nervous giggles and that always makes it easy to get a good smile!



That was quite the break! I have never taken so much time but it was so nice to spend the Winter snuggled up with our not so new baby and her super helpful big brother and sister! Piper put on such a show this Winter rolling over, ¬†eating everything you stick in her mouth, and her most recent tricks crawling and pulling up! I am so ready to be back to photographing and definitely for Spring. I did a ton of Easter photos this weekend that I can’t wait to share. To start it off here is Piper’s new cousin Charlotte!


F a c e b o o k